Things to Try at Home

Make a mini Rainforest in a Jar
You will need:
a glass jar
a spade
some soil
small rocks or pebbles
small plants with their roots left on
some small toy birds or animals (optional)


1. Put the small rocks in the bottom 1/4 of the jar
2. Then fill about 1/3 full of soil
3. Plant the roots of the small plants in the soil
4. Water your mini rainforest
5. Add some toy monkeys or parrots if you want to
6. Put the lid and leave in the sun
7. Watch the water cycle at work. (condensation forms on the jar and waters the plants)


This the water cycle of a rainforest
1. It rains
2. The plants absorb the water
3. All the hot misty air rises and forms a cloud
4. It rains

Make a Cloud

We made a cloud at home. We didn't think it would work but it was really cool! Here are the steps to making a cloud....

1. Pour the 2 tablespoons of water in the bottle (to cover the bottom).
2. Light the match and after a few seconds, drop it in the bottle and then quickly put the lid on to catch the smoke inside the bottle. (When I say quickly, I mean really quickly or it doesn't work!)
3. Squeeze the bottle slowly three times and wait a little time in between. Then squeeze it another three times, a little longer and harder this time. Watch for the cloud!
4. You can take off the lid and sqeeze it gently. If you look closly you can see puffs of cloud come out!

If it doesn't work first time, try again, we tried about 4 times

Play with Bromeliads!

These are tropical plants which have their own water bowl to collect rain in the middle of their long overlapping leaves. Animals can drink the water and some animals can live in it! Some bromeliads can hold up to 2 gallons of water.



 Learn from a Pineapple!


See how a bromiliad catches water and animal and plant material by cutting the top off a pineapple (with about 3" of fruit attached). Then let the pineapple dry out for a few days. Cut off the soft fruit but leave the core attached to the leaves. Then plant the core in a pot of soil with the leaves above the soil. Water in and leave it in the sun and when it has grown some leaves, plant it in some shade. Care for it and see what collects in it's centre.