Did you know that there are so many things we get from the rainforest? There are things to eat and drink, things to make you better, things to make things out of (like wood and rubber). Read on to find out about things we get in the rainforest.



There are lots of plants and trees in the rainforest to make medicines for things like bad tummies, sickness, infections and diseases. You can find the rosy periwinkle flower which is used for cancer cures. We found one in our garden here in Tanzania. Papaya is good for infections and parasites. When we went to the Tanzanian rainforest we saw so many trees that we get medicine from the leaves, roots and bark. The Orange Milk Tree, the Long-Leaved Dragon Tree, the Cork-wood tree are all used for different medicines.



We got lots of food to eat from the rainforest. Fruits like mangoes, papaya, oranges, pineapple, avacado, tomatoes and grapefruit. We get spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and vanilla. We get peanuts and cashew nuts. We get chicle for chewing gum, cocoa beans for chocolate and coffee beans for coffee. We went to a coffee farm to learn about how to grow and process coffee. Read our coffee page to find out all about it!



We can make things out of rainforest products. We make things out of wood and rattan. Out of rubber we make things like boots, hot water bottles, tires, balls, toys and handles. We visited a rubber plantation  to see how we get rubber. See all that we learned on our rubber page!