There are so many different animals in the rainforests. Some squawk and screech, some roar, some howl and others hiss. Some slither on the floor, some leap and some jump, and others swim. Read on to find out about some of these interesting animals whose home is the rainforest.

Animal Life in the Different Layers of the Rainforest
1. Forest Floor
The forest floor is not as active and playful as the canopy and the under storey. There are less animals but these are the ones that live there: the Jaguars who walk silently over the leaves, snakes who slither around and spiders and other little insects who make the leaves crackle. It is very quiet here.

2. Understorey
This is the layer after the forest floor. In the understorey you find a few more animals than on the forest floor, such as the Ocelot (a type of wild cat), different types of snakes and lizards, different monkeys and also a lot of bats and owls. Lots of other wild cats also live there.


3. Canopy
The Canopy is more than a hundred feet off the ground. The canopy is the busiest and the most active rainforest layer. It is the home to lots of monkeys, especially howler monkeys and also snakes, lots and lots of birds, and frogs. It’s very noisy with all the frogs croaking, birds squawking and all the monkeys chattering at the tops of their voices. Many of the canopy animals live their whole life in canopy without ever touching the ground.


4. Emergents
In the very top, there are mostly birds. For example, the loud Harpy Eagle lives up there and toucans too.

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What does armadillo mean and where does it live?
All Armadillos come from Latin America except one type. Armadillo means “Little Armoured one” in Spanish.
What does an Armadillo look like?
Armadillos look very different from other animals. They have scales all over their body. The scales are called scutes (scuu – ts). Armadillos also have pointed snouts. They are 15cm long but some types grow to 5 feet. They are black, yellow, grey, red or brown.  They have very poor eyesight but a very strong sense of smell. They have long claws and long, sticky tongues.
What do armadillos do and what type of house do they live in?
Armadillos live in burrows and sleep in it for 16 hours of the day. For the rest of the day they hunt for the food they eat.
What do armadillos eat?
Armadillos eat lots of little animals and also some plants. They eat beetles and termites. They also eat ants and various plants and fruits.
How does an Armadillo defend itself?
As you may know, armadillos have scales. Well, they come in useful for armadillos when they need to defend themselves. It is a trap. When the attacker inserts his hand in the armadillos scales, the fingers of his paw get chopped inside the armadillo’s scales!
Here are three interesting facts about Armadillos…
Armadillos are the only mammals with shells!
There are 20 types of armadillos!
They are related to anteaters and sloths!