The Rafflesia "The Stinking Giant"


The Rafflesia flower is the biggest flower in the world, measuring 1 metre across! It has five large red petals, often with white spots. Although most flowers smell sweet, this extraordinary flower smells of a rotting body. This is why it is also called "The Stinking Giant" or "The Corpse Flower."


A Rafflesia flower grows in the rainforests of Indonesia, Malaysia and also a lot of southern Asia. They are usually found near rocks and streams.



The Rafflesia flower has no roots or leaves of its own. It lives as a parasite on other plants around it, particularly liana vines. This means it eats another plant’s food. Rafflesia flowers depend on other plants to survive and without them, would die very quickly.

The little bud grows on the short stem or root of another plant. For nine months it grows and grows and grows into a very big flower. But sadly, it is only a lovely big red flower for five to seven days. Then it dies. The five large petals rot away. While it is rotting, it gives off a very disgusting smell which attracts flies and other small insects to pollinate.

• Rafflesia flowers are actually related to very small flowers!
• There are at least 28 species of rafflesias!
• It is the biggest flower in the whole world!
• Rafflesia Arnoldii is the most common type of rafflesia!
• It can weigh up to 10 kilograms!