Meet the Rainforest Explorers

I am Amisadai. I am 9 years old. I like playing outside, climbing trees and riding my bike. I have really enjoyed learning about Amazing Rainforest! We have learned lots and have made slide shows and written information pages about it all. My favourite thing we did while learning about the Rainforest was swimming in the pool at the bottom of Sanje Falls in the Udzungwa! We hope you learn lots of new things and enjoy exploring the Rainforest with our Rainforest Explorers website. Have fun!
I am Louisa. I am 6 years old (but almost 7). I like playing outside and getting wet in the rain. I like singing and dancing. I really enjoyed reading lots of books about the rainforest and especially liked going to one. It was fun sleeping on our own in a banda without Mum and Dad!

Where are the Rainforests?

The Rainforests are found on the equator. In South America there is the Amazon Rainforest. You will find rainforests in Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Venezuala, Bolivia, Ecuador, Suriname, Mexico and Guyana. In Africa there is the Africain rainforest, in Congo, Cameroon, Gabon and DRC. The Asian rainforests are in  Maylasia, Indonesia, Paupa- New-Guinea, Laos, India, Burma and Myanmar.

We went to Udzungwa Mountains in Tanzania. This is sometimes called the "Galapagos of Africa" because it is a rainforest. We had so much fun learning more about the rainforest in a real one. More than what we read in books and saw in pictures, we could smell and hear the rainforest as well! Here are some photos from our visit... 

Rainforest Plants

Rainforest Animals

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